Past Senior Projects

The summaries linked below illustrate the range of topics covered in recent senior honors theses and creative projects. Additional examples and summaries are provided in the Guide to the Senior Thesis/Creative Project, which is available in the Honors College office (Ball Honors House 104).

2012 Elise Rorick, Opening the Box: Exploring the Myth of Pandora. Mentor: Jacinda Russell

2012 Tyler Wolford, Hospital. Mentor: Christine Shea

2011 Whittley Lewis, Why No Thesis?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Mentor: Paul Ranieri (English)
Abigail Hines, Between Beats. Mentor: Andrew Hosey (Digital Corps)

2010 Pedro Bassoe, Japanese Unfiltered: Conversational and Practical Language through Manga. Mentor: Guohe Zheng.
Eric Spall, Three Camps: Drumming and Drummers in the American Civil War. Mentor: Nicole Etcheson (History)

2009 Richard (Shane) Kelly, Creating a New World: Explorations of the SciFi Fantasy Genre. Mentor: Mark Neely (English)
Lydia Spotts, The Csángó in Ghimeș-Faget: Boundary and Ethnic Definition in Transylvania. Mentor: James Nyce (Anthropology)

2008 Claire Buffie, create.capture.captivate (Mentor: Mark Sawrie)
Ashley Spencer, Constructing the Fabric of Jane Austen’s Work Today (Mentor: Joanne Edmonds)


Library Archive
Bracken Library also maintains an indexed online archive of all senior honors projects dating back to 1963. You can view a PDF, abstract, and library catalog record of each thesis listed. These projects also are filed in the library’s Cardinal Scholars area.