Ball State’s Whitinger Lecturer is chosen annually by the fourth-year Whitinger Scholars to speak at the spring Whitinger banquet.

Whitinger Lecturers
1980 Arno Wittig, Professor of Psychological Science 
1981 Richard Wires, Professor of History 
1982 Anthony O. Edmonds, Professor of History
1983 Whitney Gordon, Professor of Sociology
1984 Ruth Howes, Distinguished Professor of Physics
1985 Alexander MacGibbon, Professor of English
1986 William Magrath, Professor of Classics
1987 B. Thomas Lowe, Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
1988 Edmund Ball, Community Leader and Philanthropist
1989 C. Warren Vander Hill, Ball State Provost and Professor of History
1990 Marjorie Smeltsor, Dean, College of Sciences and Humanities
1991 M. Ange Cooksey, Honors Advisor
1992 James Rodney Underwood, Professor of Architecture
1993 Jon R. Hendrix, Professor Emeritus of Biology
1994 Maude Jennings, Assistant Professor of English
1995 Daniel Goffman, Professor of History
1996 Richard C. Brown, Professor of English
1997 Mathew D. Fisher, Assistant Professor of English
1998 Joanne H. Edmonds, Assistant Dean, Honors College
1999 Darlene Mathis-Eddy, Professor of English
2000 Christine Shea, Professor of Classics
2001 William Magrath, Professor of Classics
2002 Barbara A. Stedman, Assistant Professor of English
2003 Anthony O. Edmonds, Professor of History
2004 Arno Wittig, Professor Emeritus of Psychological Science
2005 Stefan S. Anderson, Community Mentor and Banker
2006 James S. Ruebel, Dean, Honors College
2007 Elizabeth Turcotte, Associate Professor of Theatre
2008 Melinda Messineo, Sociology
2009 Jill Christman, English
2010 Michael Maggiotto, Dean, College of Sciences & Humanities
2011 Joanne Edmonds, Associate Dean Emerita, Honors College
2012 Cathy Day, Assistant Professor of English and author of The Circus in Winter
2013 Wilisha Scaife, Director, Muncie P3 program
2014 Elizabeth M. Dalton, Instructor of English
2015 Barbara A. Stedman, Director of National and International Scholarships
2016 Timothy D. Berg, Assistant Professor of Honors Humanities
2017 Connie S. Ruebel