Honors College students often receive many invitations to join honor societies. With so many invitations, how do you decide which organizations to join and determine which are credible?

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) certifies college and university honor societies. To gain certification, honor societies must meet certain standards of excellence. If an honor society is a member of ACHS, you can be sure that it has met the high standards of ACHS and is worth your consideration for membership. Check out the list of member societies on the ACHS site.

Not all honor societies seek certification from ACHS. To determine if a society that is not a member of ACHS is credible, you'll need to look at the criteria for membership and how the society is organized. ACHS offers guidelines to help you judge the credibility of an honor society.

If you still have doubts about whether to join an honor society, contact the Ball State campus representative of the organization to find out more about the benefits of membership. The representative’s name should be on your letter of invitation.