We send a lot of information to students by e-mail. If you don’t ordinarily read or use your Ball State Outlook e-mail account, you’ll miss useful information.

We recommend that you check your Ball State e-mail account at least once a week or have your university e-mail forwarded to your preferred e-mail. Keep in mind that your honors advisor will not respond to e-mail messages unless they come from your Ball State account (i.e., yourname@bsu.edu). 

What if we can't reach you by e-mail? In that case, we may try to call or write you. Please make sure that Ball State has your current phone number and address. To change or update your local and home contact information, visit the registrar’s office in Lucina Hall, room B43 or change it online.

We also recommend, if you have a Facebook account, that you "Like" the BSU Honors Advising page for periodic quick reminders of value and interest.

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