Emerging Media Journalism C

Core Courses, 28 credit hours

Our Emerging Media Journalism program began in fall 2009 and prepares students with the knowledge and skills to be journalism leaders today and in the future. Every emerging media journalism program student must take the following core courses:

JOURN 101 Media and American Society (3 credit hours)

Study of the structures and functions of media communications and how they inform, persuade and entertain audiences. Overview of the evolving relationships among media industries and American society. Focus on advertising, public relations and news organizations.

NEWS 105 Journalistic Storytelling: Introduction (2 credit hours)

Introduction to journalistic storytelling, including writing, editing and design. Emphasis on practical application of basic skills needed in multimedia newsrooms.

NEWS 108 Foundations of Journalism: Great Stories and Storytellers (1 credit hour)

Introduction to the role of journalism in the United States with emphasis on the coverage of significant events and contributions of journalists who helped shape history and the profession.

NEWS 109 Foundations of Journalism: Ethical and Legal Principles (1 credit hour)

Introduction to legal and ethical issues facing today’s journalism professional. Overview of basic tenets, including the First Amendment, libel, privacy and intellectual property. Prerequisite: JOURN 101.

NEWS 120 Newsgathering: Research (1 credit hour)

Methods for identifying sources and assessing their reliability. Develops critical thinking skills needed to select, evaluate, synthesize, organize and present information. Prerequisite: JOURN 101, NEWS 105, 108.

NEWS 121 Newsgathering: Interviewing (1 credit hour)

Strategies for preparing and conducting interviews. Emphasis on effective questioning techniques, note taking and the development of listening skills through in-class and field assignments. Prerequisite: JOURN 101, NEWS 105, 108.

NEWS 122 Journalistic Storytelling: Covering Events (1 credit hour)

Exploration of storytelling across multiple platforms. Preparation of stories using the inverted pyramid, sound bites, video and online layering. Emphasis on news conferences, speeches and spot events. Prerequisite: JOURN 101, NEWS 105, 108.

NEWS 130 Multimedia: Design (1 credit hour)

Introduction to basic multimedia design principles, visual communication theory and practice, typography, color, layout presentation and design history. Emphasis on relationship between design and storytelling.

NEWS 131 Multimedia: Stills (1 credit hour)

Introduction to still photography and its relationship to the multimedia storytelling process. Includes acquisition, selection and editing of photographs; composition and lighting; history, ethics and legal principles.

NEWS 132 Multimedia: Audio (1 credit hour)

Introduction to the role of sound in the multimedia storytelling process. Includes acquisition, selection and editing of sound; proper recording techniques; ethical and legal principles.

NEWS 133 Multimedia: Video (1 credit hour)

Introduction to the role of moving pictures in the multimedia storytelling process. Includes acquisition, selection and editing of video; proper recording techniques and professional standards; ethical and legal principles.

NEWS 240 Current Issues and News Experience (1 credit hour)

Discussion of current events and issues of international, national, state, local and campus importance, with emphasis on how these events are covered. Story submissions to campus media required. Prerequisite: JOURN 101, NEWS 105.

NEWS 340 Current Issues and Newsroom Leadership (1 credit hour)

Exploration of current events, with an emphasis on their importance and context. Students serve as peer mentors to those enrolled in NEWS 240. Prerequisite: NEWS 240.

NEWS 397 Immersion: Special Topics (3 credit hours)

Participation in an off-campus, immersive experience designed to enhance racial, socio-economic, gender or cultural awareness. Extensive on-campus preparation and presentation of significant multimedia project. May not be taken concurrently with NEWS 497.

NEWS 221 Journalistic Storytelling: Covering Issues (3 credit hours)

Developing issue-based news stories from idea to final presentation using traditional and emerging media technologies. Emphasis on topics related to the community, government and the courts. Prerequisite: NEWS 120, 121, 122.

NEWS 409 Foundations of Journalism: Ethical and Legal Issues (2 credit hours)

The relationship between the government and the American news media, with particular emphasis on contemporary legal and ethical issues. Prerequisite: NEWS 109, 221 and junior standing.

NEWS 210 Professional Development (1 credit hour)

Provides opportunities and skills needed to secure internships and jobs in media-related professions. Prerequisite: JOURN 101, NEWS 105, 109.

NEWS 497 Immersion: Student Media (3 credit hours)

Intensive student-driven media experience incorporating journalistic storytelling. Student teams produce tangible, professional-quality media content. May not be taken concurrently with NEWS 397. Prerequisite: NEWS 221, 233 or 234 or 235 and junior standing.

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