Journalism  0022

If it's likely that you will want to pursue a job with a journalistic media outlet, then you are a good fit for our journalism major. Our accredited program focuses on teaching you the skills needed to tell stories to readers through language and/or images. The major has four tracks that allow you to concentrate on your preferred media type: magazine, news, journalism graphics, and photojournalism.

If you wish to tell stories with words, the magazine or news track may be for you. Magazine students learn the business of magazine publishing along with the reporting, writing, and editing skills that will be needed for a magazine career. News students tend to be those interested in a newspaper or online news career, and they learn the skills required for storytelling in those media.

Those studying journalism graphics or photojournalism also learn how to share stories with readers but to do so in a more visual way. The field of journalism graphics involves creating the graphic elements that are so prominent in today’s publications: charts, maps, diagrams, and complex informational and interactive graphics. Photojournalism entails sharing stories through photography—not just single news images but also photo essays and other collections of images.