Prague Center

The Ball State University Prague Center is located in Prague, the breathtaking capital of the Czech Republic. The region has overcome communism and blossomed into a high-tech business gateway to Central Europe. People flock to Prague to hear the music, to see the architecture, and to learn about its rich history—and now, university students will go as part of the Ball State’s newest study abroad program.

Education and Experience

Miller College of Business, along with the Rinker Center for International Programs, proudly offers the Fall 2011 semester at Prague Center. This semester-long study abroad opportunity is open to all students.  The Fall 2011 Prague Center Director is Rathin Rathinasamy, Department of Finance and Insurance.

The center will offer classes in business as well as electives that meet Ball State’s core requirements—taught by Ball State faculty and local experts.  Classroom instruction will be three days per week with a cultural excursion midweek. A long weekend allows students time to travel to other European countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland. Learn more about the city of Prague.


Your investment won’t go unnoticed by future employers. Tuition and fees for one semester, air travel, housing and meals, and cultural excursions are all included in the estimated cost of $12,500 ($9,000 plus tuition*). Housing will be on the campus of Charles University, just minutes from Prague Castle. Approximately 20 students will be accepted for Prague Center—all majors from any university are welcome

* Tuition is an estimate for 12 credit hours. Actual tuition will be based on the off-campus cost per hour multiplied by the number of hours enrolled (a minimum of 12 hours must be taken). This rate is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

Download the Fall 2011 Prague Center info sheet (PDF).

For more details about Prague Center, contact Rathin Rathinasamy, Department of Finance and Insurance, for more information.