Germany: Joe Macri 

Joe Macri
Miller Scholar, Class of 2012
Germany Field Study, Summer 2009

While in Germany, we visited six different businesses and learned about each organization. Two companies I enjoyed the most were Bauerfiend and Adidas. We toured the Bauerfiend factory where medical equipment such as knee braces, compression socks, and shoe inserts are produced. I also enjoyed learning about Adidas, where we toured their corporate headquarters. It is located on an old military base and the office buildings used to be barracks for soldiers. They have tennis courts, basketball courts, and a soccer stadium, among other amenities for employee use.

In addition to visiting businesses, we were also able to take in the German culture. We visited Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Wartburg Castle, Hofbrauahus restaurant in Munich and attended a German student cookout. My favorite part was our first German dinner at Hofbrauahus. The restaurant had a great atmosphere. We ate upstairs where it was quiet and peaceful, however, downstairs was the complete opposite. There was a live band playing Bavarian music, everybody was loud and having a good time.

I enjoyed my time spent in Germany learning about businesses as well as experiencing the German culture.

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