Ever Changing World of Sales Technology

In this issue of Ball State Business, we shine our spotlight on our newest academic program, sales, taught through our H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling. Offered as an undergraduate major, MBA specialization, and a minor, the program recognizes an essence of human society—the critical place of the practice, the art, the science, and increasingly the technology of selling.

Selling has emerged as a well-defined research-based discipline, and the program at Ball State leverages that to prepare college students for fulfilling careers in professional sales. Through course work, shadowing and modeling successful behavior, participation in sales competitions, organizing sales symposia, and interactive ties with the profession, the faculty and staff of the H.H. Gregg Center have fashioned an innovative curriculum that has already been recognized by the University Sales Education Foundation as among the top programs in the country. Much credit for this initiative and its on-going success goes to both Ramon Avila, the George and Frances Ball distinguished professor of marketing and center director, and Scott Inks, associate professor of marketing and assistant director of the center. 

Although the critical role of the personal relationship between the sales professional and the client endures, more and more it is being facilitated by the use of evermore sophisticated technologies. You will read here how new communication devices and tools are helping salespeople and customers connect quickly, successfully, ubiquitously, and happily and how our graduates so proficiently apply these cutting-edge tools to network and meet the needs of their customers.

Consistent with our credo, here at Miller College we continue to design and offer programs that meet the needs of today’s society and the learning aspirations of our students. Through our many practitioner-laden advisory boards, we stay abreast of business and technology trends, employer expectations, and student preferences.

I thank you—our friends and alumni—for your support and commitment to Miller College. You ensure that our faculty and staff at the sales center are able to provide a forward-looking, impactful education in professional sales.


Dean's Signature
Rajib Sanyal
Dean, Miller College of Business