Technically Speaking

“I could not live, frankly, without e-mail. E-mail’s a little passé anymore, but we move so much data by e-mail, and it saves me so much time. I get 60 to 100 e-mails a day; most of those have some sort of Excel spreadsheet or Word document attached.” —Michael Newbold, president of the Central Indiana Region of Huntington Bank

“My smartphone is definitely my favorite tech toy. I really enjoy all of the apps that are available from news to fitness to making my grocery list electronic. I have significantly reduced what I have to carry with me since it is all on my phone.“ —Kelly Osterling, sale representative for RR Donnelley

“I use an iPhone. I am linked to everything I need to be linked to: contact list, calendar, e-mail, apps. It’s linked through MobileMe to my iPad and Mac. Any entry into one syncs to the other two.” —William Ault, senior sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company

“The Internet can touch so many people. Really what I sell is me, so I try to make myself a presence.” —Scott Nichols, insurance agent, State Farm

“LinkedIn has become today’s must have credential when it comes to seeing and being seen, professionally speaking. If you don’t have an account, you’re simply behind. If you’re not using it to network, find new partnerships, or research your competition, you’re behind.” —Jim Micklos, vice president of business development for Fusion Performance Marketing.