Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurial Management

Are you looking for a challenge? You found it.

This is not your typical academic major. The entrepreneurial management major has been described as the most intense major on campus and one of the most distinctive in the country. We welcome students who want to use their creativity and determination to solve real-world problems. We have designed our entire curriculum to be as close to real-world as possible, including the very real chance of failure.

As a major, you will learn how to:

  • identify opportunity in all environments
  • design and build a physical prototype
  • research and develop a business model
  • read and project financial statements
  • construct a full business plan
  • effectively communicate with investors/stakeholders
  • professionally network
  • advance yourself and your company

Interested? Keep reading.

At the heart of the program is our capstone New Venture Creation course, also known as "senior sweat." At the end of your final semester, you will face the ultimate challenge of your college career. You will present a full business plan, which you developed over the past two years, to a panel of entrepreneurs and other business professionals in downtown Indianapolis. What's at stake? Your graduation.

There are only two possible outcomes when you walk in the door to give your presentation:

  1. Pass and graduate a few weeks later.
  2. Fail and not graduate.

Just like the real-world, failure is a very real possibility if you don't give it your all. Would your future boss give you a promotion if you lost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars? No. You would be fired. This major is the only pass or fail, everything on the line, program of its kind in the country.

Are you looking for a challenge? Are you comfortable with risk? Do you want to be the best? Are you willing to put your graduation on the line? If so, we want you.

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