Bhagwan Khanna

Assistant Professor of Accounting

WB 324  Phone: 765-285-5104  

Bhagwan Khanna, PhD, joined the Ball State accounting faculty in 2012. He received his BCom (H) and MCom from Delhi University in 1964 and 1966, an MBA from Georgia State University in 1980, and a doctorate from Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) in 1992. He also holds his CMA (USA) and CA (NZ) professional certifications.

Khanna's current research focuses on the performance evaluation of managerial personnel in the context of MNCs, history of accounting thought, the accounting standard setting process in the advanced and emerging economies. His papers have been published in academic accounting journals and have also been presented at academic conferences in the USA and overseas.

Khanna teaches financial, cost, and managerial accounting at the undergraduate level and international accounting at the graduate level. He is currently a member of the AAA and the IMA. In 1977, the United Nations placed Khanna on its international roster of experts for commercial accounting teaching and training program development.

Previously, Khanna taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate educational institutions in Italy, Germany, India, Kenya, New Zealand, and at universities in Georgia, Minnesota, Kansas and Arizona. He has supervised, examined and commented upon the doctoral and master research theses and other research endeavors from the overseas institutions.

Khanna is active in reviewing the research papers for academic journals and accountings conferences, both in USA and overseas. He has authored and co-authored four cost accounting and auditing books.

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