Maoyong Fan

Assistant Professor of Economics

WB 131   Phone: 765-285-5741  

Department of Economics
Whitinger Business Building, room 201
2000 W. University Ave.
Muncie, Indiana 47306

Maoyong Fan, assistant professor of economics, received his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley in 2009 and joined Ball State in the same year. His research interests include environmental economics, health economics and policy, labor economics, and development economics. Maoyong’s research in environmental economics focuses on both short- and long-term causal relationship between pollution and health. Examples of research projects include: the effect of air pollution on mortality: evidence from 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, surface water pollution and cancer mortality in China, and the long-term effect of air pollution on life expectancy in China. Maoyong's research in health economics focuses on the economics of obesity. Examples of research projects include: the effect of food stamp program participation on obesity of low-income women and the impact of neighborhood parks/playground on childhood obesity. Maoyong’s research in labor economics focuses on agricultural labor market and illegal immigration. Examples of research projects include: the effect of recessions on immigrant workers in U.S. agriculture and mobility of agricultural workers. Maoyong’s research in development economics focuses on China’s economic development. Examples of research projects include: the return to cadre status in rural China and the adverse and selection effects of China’s Great Leap Forward Famine. Maoyong’s research has been published in prestigious academic journals, including American Economic Review, American Journal of Health Economics; International Journal of Industrial Organization; and American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

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