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Faculty Remuneration for Student Internships

 The Miller College of Business encourages and facilitates student internships through departmental courses and faculty supervisors. Effective student internships are well known for providing practical hands-on learning and experience that cannot be duplicated through traditional classroom settings. To insure the educational value and integrity of the internship experience, each faculty supervisor will conform to departmental guidelines for internships and provide the student with proper guidance, direction, and oversight. Student learning goals will be identified and assessment thereof will be documented.

The policy will allow a course reduction in teaching load after the faculty member has supervised 25 student interns enrolled in a minimum of 75 credit hours of official Miller College of Business internship courses during fall and spring semesters. Given that chairs may assign internship courses with sufficient enrollment as part of a faculty member's normal load, only one course reduction may be given during a year. Faculty members and department chairs may negotiate the term when the reduced teaching load occurs.