If you want to teach social studies on the high school level, consider this major. It will help prepare you to qualify for Indiana licensing to teach in public schools. Students majoring in social studies teaching can select economics as one of three social studies discipline areas. This major, with 57-66 credit hours, is a social studies program in the College of Sciences and Humanities. The Department of Economics is a supporting department for the economics area.

To select economics area, it requires 15 credit hours of economics courses. This includes

  • ECON 201 Elementary Microeconomics
  • ECON 202 Elementary Macroeconomics
  • ECON 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
  • 6 credit hours from 300- and 400-level economics courses.

You can look up the description of Teaching Major in Social Studies and the complete economics course descriptions in the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

You’ll need a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation. See all the requirements for baccalaureate degrees and the University Core Curriculum from the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Freshmen may declare a teaching major in social studies by meeting with the freshman advisor in Academic Advising in North Quad, room 339. You may select economics as an area of concentration at this time.

If you do not initially select economics but wish to add it as an area of concentration later, you should contact the faculty advisor for the teaching major in social studies, Sarah Drake Brown.

If you have specific questions on the economics concentration area, contact the faculty advisor for economics majors, Tung Liu.

Get the specifics on the social studies teaching majors from the Department of History.