Of course, you choose a school and program based on the experience you’ll have while there—the quality of the classes and instruction, the feel of the campus, how it all fits with your needs and wants. But don’t forget to consider what happens when you’re done: you go to work.

That’s another great reason to study accounting at Ball State. You stand a good chance of landing a great job when your studies are complete. Placement rates are high among our accounting graduates, in part because of the quality of the program and in part because of the solid connections between the department and the real world.

Immediately following graduation, most Ball State accounting students can be found in junior staff positions. Many start their careers with public accounting firms and move quickly from junior to senior to managers. They’ll keep moving up the ladder to partner-level or perhaps move on to serve a client in private accounting. Other students become interested in attending doctoral programs and teaching at the university level.

The international Big Four accounting firms actively seek out Ball State students—they recruit at the university. So do a lot of regional and local certified public accountant (CPA) firms, plus leading private businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations in search of top-notch accounting graduates.

Here are some of the firms that have recruited Ball State accounting students recently:

  • Dana Corporation
  • Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Services 
  • Deloitte & Touche 
  • Ent & Imler CPA Group, PC
  • Ernst & Young, LLP
  • Fiducial Investment Advisors, Inc. 
  • First Merchants Corporation
  • Haywood & Petrow, PC 
  • Indiana Department of Financial Institutions 
  • John Hancock Financial Services 
  • Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP 
  • KPMG, LLP 
  • Larry E. Nunn & Associates Certified Public Accounting LLC
  • London Witte Group, LLC 
  • McGladrey & Pullen, LLP 
  • Noble Consulting Services, Inc. 
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers 
  • Regions Bank 
  • RJ Pile LLC 
  • Shepard Schwartz & Harris, LLP 
  • Slattery & Holman, PC 
  • Somerset CPAs 
  • Whitinger & Company, LLC 
  • Zurface Sanders & Rasor Inc.

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