Requirements to be admitted to the Miller College of Business: Effective Fall 2016, enrolling students in the Miller College of Business are directly admitted into majors based on their application to Ball State University. It is recommended students meet with their designated advisor each semester to assist in planning a course schedule to stay on track towards degree completion. For those students interested in changing their designated major, this can be done by submitting a form to the Upper Division Advising Center in AC 224.


For students who enrolled in the Miller College of Business prior to Fall 2016 and who are declared as 'Pre-Business' majors on their DegreeWorks, you can learn more about declaring a business major here.


The Business Core

Required courses commonly referred to as the Business Core:
ACC 201, ACC 202, BL 260, ECON 201, ECON 202, ECON 221, FIN 300, ISOM 125, ISOM 135/210*, ISOM 249, ISOM 351, MATH 132, MGT 300, MGT 491, MKG 300

*ISOM 210 has replaced ISOM 135 effective Fall 2015


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Program Requirements for Business Majors and Minors

View a PDF of the curriculum and recommended four-year plan for each major and minor in business.

The Paul W. Parkison Department of Accounting  

Department of Economics

Department of Finance and Insurance

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Department of Management

Department of Marketing

Minors in Business