Business students who began classes at Ball State prior to Fall 2016 are considered pre-business majors until the admission requirements below, nicknamed "The Rule of 4" have been met. If you are NOT a pre-business major, the information below does NOT apply to you.

In addition to your admission requirements for Miller College, you will also takes classes in the University Core Curriculum.

To be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program in Miller College you must:

Step One

The Rule of 4Complete the following four courses* with a grade point average of 2.50:

* Additional required business core courses (not included in the pre-business GPA calculation):
ACC 202, BL 260, ECON 202, ECON 221, ENG 103, ENG 104, ISOM 210, ISOM 249

Step Two

Earn a Ball State minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for your non-business courses. 

Step Three

Students who have regularly met with their Student Services pre-business advisor will automatically be transitioned into the business major classification (notification will be sent via email).  Students who have NOT kept regular meetings with their pre-business advisor must complete paperwork in the University Advising Office in AC 224 (Arts & Communications Building).  This form may also be used to change your major within the Miller College of Business.

Enrolling in 300-Level and 400-Level Classes

Once you have been admitted to a bachelor’s degree program in Miller College, you may enroll in 300 and 400-level business courses if you qualify for the following:

  • You have fulfilled Miller College admission requirements (above).
  • You are a non-business student pursuing a business minor.
  • You are a non-business student pursuing a major that may require a specific 300/400-level business course.
  • You are a non-business student who has met all course prerequisites for any 300/400-level business course.
For any questions regarding courses and prerequisites for a business major or minor, please contact Miller College Student Services at or visit WB 147.