Miller Scholars Study Abroad Process

  1. Student investigates and selects a preferred study abroad program. 
  2. Student obtains official description of program, including... 
  3. Theme (business, language, culture, etc.)

  4. Location, dates, & duration

  5. Deposit amount and due date

  6. Total cost amount and due date

  7. Tuition cost (if applicable) & approved courses

  8. Student submits Scholars Study Abroad Form with copy of program description, application, and reason for selection of program/goals of experience to Gayle Hartleroad, Director of Student Services. Completed study abroad form and all required documentation must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the deposit/application deadline.

  9. Director of Student Services will determine eligibility of program. For any questionable program, the Honors Committee will be consulted.

  10. Once the program is deemed eligible, the director of Student Services will submit the study abroad form and documentation to the Miller College business officer who will process fund transfer/payment. A maximum of $4,000 is available for study abroad. If the student chooses to take a full-time load of courses with the study abroad, the equivalent of on-campus tuition and fees may also be available.



Upon return from the study abroad, the student will submit a summary and/or blog of the experience, including photos. This information will be used in promotion of the Miller Scholar program and evaluation of the suitability of the specific experience for future students.

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