Whether or not you major in a foreign language, odds are good that as a Ball State student you’ll be studying in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. Many bachelor’s degrees require you to take two years of a foreign language. And even if your degree does not require it, studying another language is a great idea. After all, of the billions of people on the planet, most don’t count English as their native language. Studying their language and culture can enrich your own life and understanding of the world.

Your options within our department are vast and varied. Choose a major in Chinese, French, Spanish, German, or Japanese, or in classical languages or classical cultures. Or choose a teaching major in Latin or one of the modern languages. If your major is in something else, consider a minor in a modern language or in classical languages or classical cultures.

There’s much to learn in the language classroom, and lots more to experience through activities and other opportunities. There are honor societies for students of both modern and classical languages, plus other organizations that focus on classical languages as well as such topics as Chinese. Numerous groups serve students who plan to teach a foreign language. And if you wish to push yourself a bit further academically, consider going for department honors.

Then there’s the experience you’ll gain through international study. What better way to hone your foreign language skills and gain an immersive grasp of the culture while building an experience that will stick with you for life? Add this kind of experience to the rich opportunities open to you on the Muncie campus, and you’ll be prepared for a fulfilling life after Ball State.

If you’re ready to begin your journey into modern languages and classics, learn about admissions procedures and requirements, including placement and proficiency exams. And remember to explore the many options for scholarships, fellowships and financial aid.