Jazz Ensembles

All matriculating Ball State University students are eligible to audition for the Jazz Ensembles at the beginning of each Fall Semester. The auditions run Sunday, August 21st through Wednesday, August 24 during the first week of school. There will be a sign-up sheet as well as audition requirements posted on the Jazz bulletin board outside of room MU117 and the jazz website (see Auditions) starting the first week of August. All Students must fill out the Jazz Audition forms and bring it to the audition.

Initial Meetings
Introductory meetings (mandatory) will be held Monday and Tuesday of the first week of school at 11AM in room MU117. You need only attend one of these meetings. The meetings will cover all procedures, schedules and calendar of events for the semester.

Audition time slots will be posted on the jazz bulletin board outside of room 117. Each slot runs for 15 minutes. Audition requirements and materials will be posted at Gmail by Google.

Enter the :

  • Username: bsu.jazz.ensemble
  • Password: jazz1234

All auditions will be recorded and attended by Mark Buselli, Director of Jazz Studies, Scott Routenberg, Jazz Faculty member; and two graduate assistants. The final listing will be posted late Wednesday evening of the first week of class. Students will have sufficient time before the Friday deadline to complete the drop/add process.

A student may challenge another student or challenge for an open chair at the beginning of each Spring Semester. The challenging student must notify the student being challenged after the last concert which is usually the first week of December. The 2nd week of December will be the challenges and results will be posted before finals.
The beginning of Spring Semester is not open for new auditions, except with individual permission from the Director of Jazz Studies. Challenges will use the same procedures and materials as the Fall Semester auditions. The Director reserves the right to re-hear a challenge if there is any question of placement. You can challenge any chair in any band.

Jazz Combos
All matriculating Ball State University students are eligible to audition for the Jazz Combos at the beginning of the Fall semester. Combos will remain the same for the Spring semesters. If you are interested in playing in a combo you can mark the times that you are available on the Jazz Audition form and bring it to your audition. Combos will be put together on Wednesday evening the first week of school, time enough for drop/add deadline of Friday.

Students must take the Jazz Combo course for credit! The designated course number for Jazz Combo is MUSPE 231. The student will receive one hour of credit per semester for participating in the course.

Rating Scale
A rating scale form will be used for each student. There are a total of 60 points that a student can earn. The jazz faculty and grad assistant's scores will count once. The director's score will count twice as a weighted score. All scores will be added and the average score will count as the final score.