Sport Administration Admission and Retention Policies and Procedures

The following admission and retention policies are outlined in the undergraduate catalog:

Admission Requirements:

  • Completion of ENG 104 with a C or better
  • Completion of SPTA 190, ECON 201, and ACC 201 (each with C- or better grade) 
  • Completion of at least 8 hours of volunteer service in the sport industry 
  • Completion of Ball State University Sport Administration Program application 
  • Attain a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 at the time of application

Once admitted into the Sport Administration major the following guidelines will be used to evaluate each student in order to remain in this program of study. Only students admitted into the program will have access to advanced coursework (200-400 level) in the area of Sport Administration (SPTA prefix). 

  • Maintenance of an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher 
  • No grade lower than a C- will be accepted in any course within the sport administration and business core courses 
  • Maintenance of an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher within the business minor requirement 
  • Internship (SPTA 479) enrollment requires senior standing and approval of the coordinator

The following internal policies and procedures have been developed to guide students through the processes of completing their program of study within this academic program.

Application Procedures:

All students applying for the Sport Administration Program must complete the Ball State University Sport Administration Program Application (PDF). This application includes: a completed application form, a current copy of the student's DAPR, verification of the 8 hours of volunteer service in the sport industry, and In- Progress Coursework Midterm Grade Verification Form for any of the following courses in progress at the time of application (SPTA 190, ENG 103, ECON 201, and ACC 201).

All of the above materials must be submitted in a single stapled hardcopy document in the following order.

  1. Application form cover sheet 
  2. Application form essays 
  3. Current DAPR 
  4. Volunteer service verification 
  5. Midterm grade verification (if applicable)

All program admission applications are to be submitted to the Undergraduate Sport Administration Program Coordinator, Liz Wanless:

Fall Applications – November 1

Spring Applications – April 1

If the application deadline falls on a weekend the application deadline is extend to the first Monday following the deadline date.

Application Processing & Outcome:

Notification of admission status will be made approximately 3 weeks after the application deadline. Students will be classified into three categories:

Full Acceptance – These students have met all established program admission standards. These students will be assigned an academic advisor in the Sport Administration Program, and they will be given access to all appropriate upper division (SPTAD 290 and above) courses within the program. Student must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average each semester in order to retain their full acceptance status in the program.

Conditional Acceptance – These students have met all established program admission standards with the exception of having 1-2 core courses in progress at the time of application (SPTA 190, ENG 103, ECON 201, and ACC 201). These students have submitted midterm grade verification forms for these in-progress classes and are meeting the grade expectations for these in-progress courses at the time of application. Students conditionally accepted will be given access to the SPTA academic advisor for placement into SPTA 290 or other appropriate SPTA course as available. Enrollment in any SPTA course for the following term is contingent upon completing the in-progress courses at program acceptance levels and maintaining the cumulative 2.5 GPA. If those standards are met the conditional acceptance will be switched to full acceptance at the beginning of the next academic term.

Non-Acceptance – These students failed to meet the program standards or submitted incomplete application materials and will not be accepted into the program. Access to any SPTA 290 or above coursework within the SPTA prefix will not be allowed. Students not accepted into the program may reapply in a subsequent semester.

Program Retention:

All fully accepted students in the Sport Administration Program must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA in each semester upon acceptance into the program.

Any student who drops below the 2.5 cumulative GPA will be placed on program probation. A student placed on program probation has one semester in which to regain their program standard of the 2.5 cumulative GPA. A student on probation within the Sport Administration Program may choose to: 

  • retake course(s) of poor performance (according to established university guidelines); 
  • or simply achieve higher grades in that term to raise their overall GPA.

Any student not attaining the 2.5 cumulative GPA after a semester on program probation will be removed from the program, and their access to upper division SPTA prefix coursework will be denied. After removal from the program a student may choose to reapply to the program at a later date, and they will be required to undergo the full Sport Administration Program application process.

Note that students must also meet any additional requirements that may be in place for their selected business minor in order to complete their degree program.

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