Students with strong interest in astronomy or science education are encouraged to complete the introductory astronomy minor.

The minor includes:

  • an algebra-based, three-semester overview of astronomy
  • an observational astronomy lab course using the planetarium and observatory
  • a capstone course with individual and group activity options

The program provides a firm background in basic astronomy for those wanting a comprehensive overview of virtually all of the exciting topics of modern astronomy.

To review complete course information, see the undergraduate catalog.

Courses required to complete the introductory astronomy minor (15 hours):

Course title Credit hours
ASTR 120
The Sun and Stars 3
Stellar Evolution, Galaxies and Cosmology 3
The Solar System 3
Observational Astronomy 3
ASTR 200
Topics in Astronomy



or 380
Seminar in Modern Astronomy
or PHYC 469
Immersion Experiences

Introductory Astronomy Minor Course Scheduling
ASTR 120 – each fall and spring semester

ASTR 122 – spring semesters only

ASTR 124– each fall and spring semester and both summer terms

ASTR 302 – spring semester of odd numbered years (2011, 2013, 2015 …)

Capstone course - one of - ASTR 200, ASTR 380, PHYC 469
(These courses are offered on an arranged basis. They require that you have at least completed ASTR 120 and 122, and would be most beneficial after having completed all four other courses.)

To officially declare this minor, go to any Academic Advising center, (the Cooper Advising Center is in CP 253), fill out the Major/Minor Change form and submit as directed. This action will add these course requirements to your DAPR and assist you and your advisor in program planning and course scheduling.