To help you grow as a physicist, astronomer, or engineer, we have colloquium series several times a semester.

The series gives you a chance to get away from the classroom setting, hear from people in the business, and see what’s been done elsewhere. We usually bring in about a dozen speakers a semester. Speakers include government scientists and professors at other universities. 

The colloquium is required, and you do get credit for it. Grad students have to attend three series, undergraduates, one or two.

To make sure you've soaked it all in, we require that you give a presentation at the end of each semester about what you learned. In the fall, you will do an oral presentation, and in the spring, you will do a poster board presentation. These exercises will develop your presentation skills, which is essential in this discipline.

Spring 2018 Colloquium Series

Please join us for our physics and astronomy related seminars. All seminars take place in Cooper Physical Science Building (CP), room 144, and begin at 3:30 p.m. (unless noted otherwise). Refreshments are served at 3:15 p.m. in CP 108. Please call 765-285-8860 for further information.




January 25
Robert Berrington, Ball State University
The Ball State University Short-Period Variable Star Program
February 1 Eric Hedin, Ball State University Wind Power Potential and Long-Term Variability near
Ball State University
February 15
Scott Kirkpatrick, Rose Hulman University
Experiential Learning
February 22
John Salzer, Indiana University
The H-Alpha Dot Survey - Where Serendipity and Science Intersect
March 1
Kenneth Hicks, Ohio University
Quarks and the Quark Content of Exotic Particles
March 22 Haiying He, Valparaiso University
Computational Nanoscience
March 29 Maxime Brodeur, University of Notre Dame
Nuclear/Medical Physics
April 5 Jonathan Nafziger Density Functional Theory
April 19 Zhang Shixiong, Indiana University Nanodevice Fabrication
April 26 SPS Banquet Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Presentations