Vision and Mission

We can be best described through our vision and mission statements:

Vision Statement
The Department of Nutrition and Health Science will be an internationally recognized vital and responsive unit for all who seek excellence in learner-centered academic experiences that enhance health in the global community.

Mission Statement
The Department of Nutrition and Health Science is one of 20 departments located in the College of Sciences and Humanities. As a part of the college, and the larger university, the Department of Nutrition and Health Science will strive to achieve its vision by carrying out its mission in the following set of goals:

A. Provide an environment that permits faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to further develop their professional skills and expertise, and realize their potential as educators and scholars in their respective disciplines.

B. Deliver high quality educational programs in community health, school health and safety, physiology and selected areas of allied health science. Specifically, the department prepares students to work in elementary and secondary schools, junior colleges and universities, community agencies, clinical settings, research laboratories, business and industry, and to enter graduate programs.

C. Provide educationally sound course work that contributes to the general education of all undergraduate students, the enrichment of honors students, and elective education for graduate students.

D. Provide high quality educational experiences to support other major and minor programs on campus.

E. Offer professional expertise and consultation to health-related professional, governmental, voluntary and service organizations, and to the citizens of Indiana.

F. Conduct scholarly work, applied research, and other projects that support the nutrition and health science disciplines.

G. Provide extracurricular educational, professional, and social experiences that enhance intellectual development for faculty and students.

H. Provide information about opportunities in the fields of nutrition and health science for the purposes of informing the citizens of Indiana and recruiting prospective students for our programs.

Department of Physiology & Health Science
Cooper Science Building, CL 325
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Phone: 765-285-5961
Fax: 765-285-3210