Master of Science in Physiology

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The purpose, general nature, and admission standards of this degree program are similar to those of the M.A. curriculum with a major in physiology. However, students are expected to demonstrate a higher level of research skills in this program by completing a thesis (THES 698). First year physiology graduate students are coded in as pursuing the M.A. in physiology. A student may be selected to pursue the M.S. in physiology, usually in their second year. Selection is dependent on their academic performance and approval of the professor who assumes responsibility as the student's thesis advisor. Faculty may require successful completion of an independent study with the advisor, submission of a student grant, submission of a research abstract, or equivalent experiences.

Download the graduate brochure (PDF) listing physiology faculty members and assistantship information.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School and must have bachelor's degrees from accredited colleges or universities with academic majors or minors in biology, the life sciences, or equivalent science fields. Undergraduate requirements for acceptance into the program include two semesters of biology, a year of general chemistry, and a year of organic chemistry. A year of undergraduate physics is recommended. Students applying for graduate teaching assistantships must have grade-point averages of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

Applicants must also complete an online departmental Application for Graduate Admission or a printed form from the Department's main office in CL 325.

Degree Requirements
PHYS 585 - Research Techniques in Physiology
CHEM 563 - Principles of Biochemistry 1
CHEM 564 - Principles of Biochemistry 2
THES 698 - Thesis.
3 hours from:
PHYS 511 - Endocrinology
PHYS 513 - Renal Physiology
3 hours from:
PHYS 514 - Cardiovascular Physiology
PHYS 520 - Neuroscience
3 hours from:
ANAT 525 – Human Embryology and Histology
PHYSL 590 – Advanced Topics in Physiology
PHYS or ANAT elective (3) *excluding MED PHYS 640
General elective (3)

For more information about graduate programs in Physiology, contact Dr. Marianna Zamlauski-Tucker at (765) 285-8360.

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