Dr. Khubchandani selected to attend Leadership Institute on Women's Health in Chicago.

     The Physiology and Health Science Department is pleased to announce  that Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani, Assistant Professor of Community Health Education, was selected to attend a leadership institute on women’s health in Chicago this past May. 

    This women’s health leadership institute was sponsored by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. There were a total of 20 community health leaders who were selected to attend the leadership institute. You were selected to attend the workshop because your application demonstrated that you are an experienced leader in your community. Your participation in the workshop will further strengthen your leadership skills and help you develop into an agent of change for your community.” 

    Carmen Ferlan (Mariposa Community Health Center, Arizona) and Rebecca Guzman (Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, Michigan) were the master trainers for the leadership institute. Dr. Khubchandani received a certificate at the conclusion of the training. (Ferlan is pictured at left, with Dr. Khubchandani)
The trainers at the institute said “It was a difficult choice. He was the only male candidate selected to attend the women’s health leadership institute and he is more of a scientist. However, his attendance brought newer insights about leadership for women’s health and public health.” 

    Dr. Khubchandani was able to find time during the conference for an impromptu presentation about Operation Jungle Red, one of his women’s health projects at Ball State University. He discussed the challenges and innovative strategies for women’s health advocacy with the leadership institute participants. 

    Keeping in view the commitments for the leadership institute, Dr. Khubchandani plans to work on public health issues especially relevant to women and girls. As a first step, he will serve on the board of directors of A Better Way which is a not-for-profit agency that provides shelter and services for victims of domestic violence, transitional housing, advocacy for victims of sexual assault, and a 24-hour crisis line.