"Hence, it is evident that the state is a creation of nature, and that (hu)man(s) are by nature political animal(s)..." Aristotle's Politics (Bk. I)

Our department is the academic home for majors and minors in political sciencemajors in legal studies, and minor in European studies. In addition, at the graduate level, we offer both the master of arts (MA) in political science and the master of public administration (MPA). We are one of the largest departments in the College of Sciences and Humanities. The specializations of our 15 full-time tenured or tenure track faculty members cover all the subfields of political science. Their doctoral degrees are from some of the finest universities in the country. Our professors have published numerous books and articles as well as numerous video ancillaries and computer programs for national distribution.

Our department prides itself on teaching excellence. Several of our faculty members have received teaching awards. Likewise, in public service, our professors have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to various government and nonprofit boards and commissions. Several of our faculty members have sought elective office and are active in both major political parties.

Our department is home to the Bowen Center for Public Affairs. The center, named after former Governor Otis R. Bowen, holds civic education seminars throughout the state through the Bowen Institute on Political Participation, conducts training for public officials to ensure effective and efficient government administration, and helps establish best practices in public administration through original research and surveys of Hoosier citizens.
We strongly emphasize internship programs, and each year many of our students serve as interns with the Indiana General Assembly, various governmental offices, and law firms. Several of our graduates have worked as federal interns in Washington DC and now hold prominent jobs in the executive branch.

We offer a pre-law designation and have placed our graduates in some of the best law schools in the nation. Our department now offers Kaplan review courses for the LSAT right here on campus.

We urge both undergraduate and graduate students to study and travel abroad, either through university sponsored programs such as the London Centre, or through special field study opportunities sponsored by our own faculty members.

At the undergraduate level, the political science major is easily combined with a second, such as economics, urban and regional planning, or journalism, which provides technical specialization for careers in both the public and private sectors.

We are proud of our programs and our graduates. We set high expectations for the academic performance of our students. In the Department of Political Science at Ball State University, you will find our full professors in charge of both introductory and advanced courses, and all faculty members fully engaged in advancing knowledge through teaching, research, and public service.

We invite you to look over our department and our programs and visit us when you are on campus.

Joseph A. Losco, chairperson