The Advising and Resource Center is located in NQ 120. Graduate assistants and undergraduate student volunteers who work at the ARC:

  • Listen to your academic interests and answer any general questions you have
  • Review your DegreeWorks to help you develop a course plan best suited to your educational goals
  • Help you choose a faculty advisor so that you can get feedback on that your of action and further develop a clear path to your goals
  • See us if you want to find out who your advisor is, or if you want to change your advisor. The name of your advisor is listed at the bottom of your DegreeWorks.
  • Guide you toward making good decisions about your education and future career
  • Provide information and answer questions
  • Share our unique insights about how to be a successful psychology major

Changing your faculty advisor

If you would like to be assigned a new faculty advisor, please stop by the ARC. One of the staff will talk with you about your interests to help match you with a new advisor.

As part of PSYSC 295 (Career Planning in Psychology), you will work with your advisor to plan your courses and related activities. You should also talk about careers in psychology, graduate school, and related education and professional issues. In addition to your departmental faculty advisor, you may still need to talk to Barbara Branon, the North Quad Academic Advising Coordinator. She can help you with information about general studies requirements and applying for graduation.

Students with a minor or double major in psychology
If you have a minor in psychological science or a double major, you may not have a formally assigned advisor in the department. However, you should have an informal advisor. See Guy Mittleman, the department chair, contact a faculty member who you would like to be your advisor, or visit us at the ARC.

In addition to the personal attention you get at the ARC, you have access to several printed and online resources that can assist you in your academic and career planning. We also have videos of seminars, which you can watch at the ARC, about careers and other topics for undergraduate students.