Better understand your motivations and others' behavior through psychological science, the science that studies the human mind and behavior. Psychologists believe that behavior conforms to certain laws and is, therefore, predictable.

Our program is designed to develop your critical thinking and communication skills, your ability to use technology, your understanding of diversity, and your personal and professional ethics. You will study the basic principles of psychology in the laboratory and in real world, hands-on settings.

Stop by the Advising and Resource Center (ARC; NQ 120) or speak with your academic advisor if you have any questions.

Requirements for students who declared a major in 2014 or later.

Requirements for students who declared the Psychology major in 2012 or later:

Requirements for students who declared the Psychology major in 2008 or later

Students who declared the Psychology Major at Ball State prior to 2008 should consult the appropriate catalog.

Common Minors for Psychology Majors

  • Interpersonal Relations (Dept of Counseling Psychology), 15 hours
  • Psychology of Human Development (Dept of Educational Psychology), 18 hours
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology, 24 hours
  • Business (Miller College of Business)