Faculty Research Interests

We encourage you to contact professors with whom you share research interests before applying to our programs. 

 For more detailed information about our faculty's current research interests, download the Faculty Research Document.  

Paul Biner, Ph.D. (Professor): Control motivation; Industrial/organizational psychology; Training evaluation.

Anjolii Diaz, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Developmental Psychology, Temperament, Cognition, Psychophysiology.

Johnathan Forbey, Ph.D. (Professor): Personality Assessment.

George Gaither, Ph.D. (Associate Professor): Human Sexual Behavior, Psychology Major Student Development, Teaching and Learning Issues in Higher Education.

Thomas Holtgraves, Ph.D. (Professor): Psychology of Language, Interpersonal Communication Processes, Personality and Information Processing, Gambling.

Mary Kite, Ph.D. (Professor): Gender Stereotyping and Prejudice, Attitudes toward Gay Men and Lesbians, Attitudes toward Older Adults.

Katie Lawson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Developmental Psychology Work, Family, and Gender.

Tayla Lee, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor): Externalizing Psychopathology Co-occurring Mental Disorders Psychological Assessment

Linh Nguyen Littleford, Ph.D. (Associate Professor): Teaching and Diversity, Privilege and Inequality Framing (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, appearance, and religion), Diversity and Ethnic Minority Issues, “Positive” Stereotypes.

Guy Mittleman, Ph.D. (Professor): Brain neuropathology associated with autism spectrum disorders; Sudden infant death (SIDS); Sudden unexplained death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

Kerri Pickel, Ph.D. (Professor): Psychology and Law, Eyewitness Memory, Juror Decision Making.

Kristin Ritchey, Ph.D. (Associate Professor): Cognitive Psychology Reading Comprehension.

Stephanie Simon-Dack, Ph.D. (Associate Professor): Interhemispheric transfer, Beta Frequency Activity and Mechanisms of Inhibition, Early Sensory Perception, EEG/ERP methodology.

Michael Tagler, Ph.D. (Associate Professor): Attitudes and Persuasion, Sleep Habits, Sex Differences in Reactions to Infidelity, Theory of Planned Behavior.