If you are seeking an undergraduate degree from Ball State, you must earn a minimum of 126 semester hours. Thirty of the last 40 semester hours earned toward the degree must be taken at Ball State. The social work curriculum has been developed following the standards set down by the Council on Social Work Education.

Students earning a bachelor of social work degree must complete:

Diversity Course: One of the courses below:

Human Biology:  One of the courses below:

Women's' Course: One of the courses below:

13 required social work courses

  • SOCW 100 Introduction to Social Work
  • SOCW 200 Social Work Practice 1 with Field Experience
  • SOCW 220 Social Welfare Policy I
  • SOCW 250 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 1
  • SOCW 310 Social Work Practice 2 with Field Experience
  • SOCW 320 Social Welfare Policy and Programs 2
  • SOCW 325 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 2
  • SOCW 340 Research in Social Work 1
  • SOCW 410 Social Work Practice 3 with Field Experience
  • SOCW 430 Social Work Practice 4 with Field Experience
  • SOCW 440 Research in Social Work 2
  • SOCW 460 Social Work Practicum (12 Semester Hours)
  • SOCW 462 Social Work Practicum Seminar

Two of the social work electives below:

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