Ball State accepts course work from both four-year institutions and community colleges as long as they meet university standards. To earn the bachelor of social work degree, 30 of your last 40 semester hours must be earned at Ball State. In general, Ball State does not accept the following in transfer:

  • Pre-college courses (below 100-level courses)
  • Courses in which less than a "C" grade was earned
  • Courses taken as independent studies
  • Courses that consist of internships
  • Courses transferred from other accredited social work programs are assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the curriculum at the other university.
  • Check the courses required of the major to see how our program is set up.

Transfer credits are not accepted for SOCWK 410 Social Work Practice IV, SOCWK 460 Field Practicum, or SOCWK 462 Field Seminar. These courses must be taken within the department to earn the BSW degree from Ball State.

To find out which of your courses will transfer, check with the Transfer IN.Net.