Application materials for formal admission to the major can be obtained in the Department of Social Work office or you can download an application. Specific directions can be found within the packet.  See the .pdf version of the application:  BSW Admission Application

Application Process:

Students will complete the admissions packet, including a personal narrative, and submit it electronically by the Fall, Spring, or Summer due date. 

Due Dates are as follows:

  • Fall- October 1
  • Spring- March 1
  • Summer- July 1

    The Admissions Committee will review all application materials and determine whether or not the student needs to meet with the committee for an interview.  An interview will be required if:

  • the student’s academic performance is within close range or significantly below the 2.5 minimum GPA requirement;
  • their required 25 hour volunteer evaluation indicated poor performance
  • their self-disclosure statement indicated a pending charge, conviction, or substantiated child abuse or neglect
  • poor or questionable performance was noted in one or more reference forms
  • content in their application packet indicates a potential conflict with the NASW Code of Ethics, Ball State University’s Code of Conduct, or their ability to successfully complete BSW degree requirements.

If the application materials are incomplete, the student will be notified in writing and asked to meet with their Academic Advisor and re-apply the following semester.

If the student application materials meet or exceed all expectations, then the student will be notified of their full admission to the major, without the need for an interview.  Students who are formally admitted to the major will be directed to visit the Social Work department to complete the additional admissions documents, including the admissions contract and signing up for the mandatory orientation meeting.

If an admission interview is deemed necessary by the Committee, the student will be notified in writing by October 15th (Fall applicants), March 15th (Spring applicants), or July 15 (Summer applicants).  All of the Admissions Committee members will attend student admissions interviews.  After an admissions interview, the Admission Committee Chairperson will notify the student, in writing, of their admission status within five (5) business days of the interview.  The admission status can include: full admission to the major, conditional admission to the major, or denial of admission to the major. 

Notification letters indicating conditional admission will include specific, behavioral expectations and a timeline for the student to work towards full admission.  In order to remedy problem areas or academic deficiencies students may be referred to any number of university or community services such as the University Learning Center, The Writing Center, the Scholarship and Financial Aid office or the Student Voluntary Services office.  Additional recommendations may be made such as going to the Counseling Center.  Students are notified by mail after the first semester if they have successfully met the required conditions and have attained full acceptance.

Notification letters indicating denial to the major will include specific feedback and a description of reason(s) for denial.  The letter will also include a recommendation to follow-up with academic advising.

Admissions Committee:

The Admissions Committee will consist of a minimum of four faculty members from the Social Work department.