If you want to teach social studies to junior high/middle or high school students, you must take courses in education and in various disciplines that fall under the area of social studies. The sociology focus area for teaching majors in social studies allows you to gain mastery of sociology by studying and applying contemporary sociological theory and research to social issues such as globalization, social inequality, diversity, family, religion, or population. In addition to course requirements, you must satisfactorily compile artifacts from sociology courses for the Social Science Teacher Education Portfolio in accordance with department standards.

Teaching Licensure in Social Studies

To seek licensure to teach social studies you must demonstrate mastery of the subject matter in the individual disciplines as a result of intensive preparation in three disciplines (focus areas): economics, geography, government, psychology, sociology, and historical perspectives (United States and world history). You should consult with each respective academic department for specific course requirements

Note: historical perspectives requires completion of 27 hours to facilitate preparation in both United States and world history, complemented by preparation in two other disciplines (15 hours each), and three other courses (9 hours), one from each of the three other disciplines, totaling 66 hours.

Students who do not choose historical perspectives as an area will complete preparations in three other disciplines (15 hours each), and three other courses (9 hours) in each of the three remaining disciplines, plus a course in world cultures (ANTH 101), totaling 57 hours.

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