College Mission and Highlights

Welcome to Teachers College, a place where teaching excellence is prized, applied research that enhances best practice and improves the quality of life for others is emphasized, and service to communities and to the profession is valued.

We are committed to the development and provision of

  • outstanding programs for the preparation of professional educators and human service providers,
  • an institutional system of performance assessment for professional educators,
  • significant and meaningful experimentation and innovation,
  • exemplary demonstration and research opportunities for P-12 education professionals,
  • outstanding models for professional development schools and collaborative school renewal efforts,
  • high-quality programs and services for exceptional learners and individuals with special needs,
  • an array of educational and human resource services aimed at improving the quality of life for citizens,
  • strategies for effective and appropriate uses of technology,
  • meaningful international and multicultural experiences and opportunities, and
  • an outstanding and diverse faculty of teacher-scholars.

The professional education programs are guided by a Conceptual Framework for Professional Education.

The mission of the professional education program at Ball State University is to prepare engaged educational experts who are sensitive and responsive to the contextual bases of teaching, learning, and development.