Current Students

Our students come first at Teachers College, but their needs are quite varied. We serve undergraduate majors and minors, master’s students, and doctoral candidates, and our students range from residential to online only. We support them with a wide range of services and resources.

Portions of our teacher educator orientation sessions have been captured on video for online viewing. Students preparing for undergraduate licensure benefit from online resources that guide them through four decision points.

Transfer students and undergraduates who are sophomores and beyond can visit the Teachers College Advising Resource Center for services tailored to your specific major. The Office of Teacher Education Services has resources for our students seeking field experience or licensure.

A wealth of information about teacher education and the process of becoming a teacher is easily accessible online in the Teacher Education Handbook.  And many graduate students in Teachers College benefit from the Lyell L. Bussell Memorial Scholarship Graduate Fund, which supports research and scholarly activities.