The fund provides support for expenses related to travel for presentations by graduate students at recognized state, regional, and national/international professional meetings. Funds are provided to assist with legitimate expenses (travel, housing, registration fees, etc.), not covered by other sources available to graduate students. STUDENTS MAY RECEIVE SUPPORT FOR ONE TRAVEL AWARD PER ACADEMIC YEAR. Applications to support travel to a professional meeting are to be submitted during the semester or summer term in which the professional meeting is held, or in the semester or summer term immediately prior to the semester or summer term in which the professional meeting is held. Applications submitted in the semester or summer term following that in which the professional meeting is held will NOT be considered. PLEASE INDICATE OTHER SOURCES OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Levels of support awarded are as follows:

  • State support not to exceed $200 per trip
  • Regional support not to exceed $300 per trip
  • National/International support not to exceed $500 per trip

Application Process

When you are turning in your application to receive Lyell Bussell funds through travel, please turn in a typed copy of the following:

  1. Lyell Bussell Application for Travel (please type). Link is located on the navigation bar on right hand side of the website. Please make sure you have the address listed where you would like the refund check to be sent.
  2. Confirmation of your presentation.
  3. A typed budget.
  4. An abstract of presentation.
  5. A Travel Authorization Form typed and SIGNED by you and the department chair. You can get this form from the department administrative coordinator. Please make sure your departure and arrival times are listed on the Travel Authorization Form.

Reimbursement Information

When you return from your trip, please give Lynn in the Dean's Office (TC 1009) the following:

  1. Documentation of your presentation after you have traveled.
  2. Original receipts. You do not need to turn in your meal receipts.Meal receipts should be given to the relevant department coordinator (per your notification letter).
    • The hotel receipt needs to be itemized with a zero balance. If you share a room with somebody and are splitting the cost of the room, please state the name of the other person on your hotel receipt.
    • Lodging allowance is $125, plus tax, per day (maximum) for out-of-state travel and $79, plus tax, per day (maximum) for in-state travel.
    • Receipts are NOT needed for gas (unless you also have a rental car). It is included in the $0.40 per mile allowed.
    • Toll charges are a reimbursable expense when supported by the toll receipt
    • The cost of parking is a reimbursable expense when supported by the receipt.
    • The date and time you left from and returned to Muncie.
    • The mailing address to which you would like your check to be sent.
    • An electronic 75 - 100 word abstract to be used in a variety of venues.
    • An electronic picture to also be displayed.

    All requested documentation should be turned in to Lynn in the Dean's Office, TC 1009. Upon receipt of these items, reimbursement will be made. You should receive your reimbursement within 3-4 weeks from the time your appropriate receipts are turned in. Please be sure to include if you are receiving funds from other sources so all the paperwork can be completed at one time.

    If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Shipley.