Observation and Participation

Pre-Student Teaching Educational Field Experiences

The purpose of pre-student teaching field experiences is to give students pursuing teacher education a systematic, planned sequence of experiences in appropriate educational settings. These experiences are designed to familiarize students with principles of classroom management and the teaching-learning process in practical and real school environments and to help them learn how to teach.

Burris Observation Instructions

Note:  Students must complete the video "Protecting Children from Sexual Misconduct" before observation requests will be processed.

Submitting your request: 

1.     Requests to observe at Burris are done online.  Login to rGrade.  Enter your Ball State username and password. 

2.     Select “Click here to Request and observation”.  Observations take 3 business days to process. 

3.     Complete the request form making sure you pay close attention to the policy statement. 

4.     You will receive a confirmation number by e-mail.  Take that with you when you observe. 

5.     Within 48 hours or 2 business days you will receive an Approval or Denial via e-mail. 

***For more detailed instructions on how to submit an online request for observation at Burris, click here.

If you are unable to make it to your observation, please contact OTES at 765-285-1168

Muncie Community and Delaware County Schools     

Students who wish to observe in a Muncie Community or Delaware County School must come to TC 205 and complete a request form.  Ten working days are required to process the observation request but students should allow a few days longer for the Delaware County Schools.   If the student’s request is denied, this office will notify the student by e-mail as soon as we are notified.  Students and instructors can track the progress of the request on the student’s rGrade site.   

Unless their observation request is denied, students must come the day of or the day before the scheduled observation and pick up the paperwork to take with them.  Students must pick up the paperwork before the scheduled observation.  The schools are instructed to deny the student access without the proper paperwork.   If a student is permitted access without the proper paperwork, it is still counted as a “No Show” and the student will need to do another observation.   

Once the student has completed the observation and has the teacher sign their paperwork, he/she must return the signed paperwork to the Office of Teacher Education Services.

Outside of Delaware County

Students are permitted to observe classrooms outside of Muncie and Delaware County.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the observation prior to the visit.  The student will be required to follow all policies and procedures of the school being observed. 

Students must come to TC 205 to pick up the blue form required for observations outside of Delaware County.  Upon completion of the observation, the student must return the signed form to TC 205.

Office of Teacher Education Services
TC 205
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-1168