Students can choose from several options when deciding on where to student teach.  


If a student teacher chooses to student teach in Indiana, Ball State University requires that the student teacher choose from specified Indiana counties within a 75-mile radius of Muncie.  Special Indiana opportunities are available in Professional Development Schools and Partnership Schools.


International Programs, and outside Indiana programs, give students the opportunity to explore intercultural issues outside the usual campus setting. 

Student teachers may consider traveling to another state, or out of the country, student teaching in one of our carefully crafted experiences.  The Cultural Immersion Program, which is in collaboration with Indiana University.  Students can choose to student teach on a Navajo Reservation, or choose to travel overseas.  For more information, contact Laura Stachowski.

Another opportunity is with Aldine Independent School District.  With this experience students complete their student teaching within a very successful school district outside the Houston, Texas area.  This opportunity is run through partnership with the Aldine Independent School District. 

Students may also choose to student teach in Germany, on an United States Air Force base, located in Ramstein, Germany.  Through an agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense Schools, Ball State University elementary and secondary education majors may consider student teaching in Ramstein, Germany. Currently, student teachers are assigned to Ramstein Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High School, part of DoDDS-Europe Kaiserslautern District.

To find out more about these opportunities, contact Tara Green, Student Teaching Coordinator.

For more details and procedures in applying for student teaching see the Welcome to Student Teaching Handbook (PDF).