Submitting an Application

Teaching majors pursuing an undergraduate teaching program, who entered the university in the fall of 2013 or later, must meet the following grade point average requirements:

Decision Point 3: 

Admission to Student Teaching, or to register for student-teaching courses, students must have: 

  • earned grades of C or better in all 300- and 400-level professional education courses; 
  • earned a minimum of 93 hours with overall grade-point average of at least 3.0; 
  • be within 9 hours of completion of content courses; 
  • maintained a grade-point average of at least 2.5 in professional education courses and 2.5 in all content area courses; 
  • satisfied content requirements specified by the student’s licensure area. For specific requirements, students should see the licensure area Web site or handbook;
  • satisfactorily completed the third-level portfolio review; 
  • met ISTE standards at the Professional Preparation level; 
  • maintained clearance from the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services; 
  • an approved application for student teaching.