Limited Criminal History

Under legislation enacted by the 1997 Indiana General Assembly, school systems throughout the state of Indiana are requiring at least a Limited Criminal History for all employees. Some school corporations might only accept an expanded criminal history check.  It is up to each individual student teacher to research into the proper and appropriate criminal background check for her/his student teaching placement.  Many school corporations consider student teachers as nonpaid employees because of their daily and continuing contacts with students. Due to this role within the school system, student teachers will be required by the school system in which they are contracted to present the original copy of the results of the appropriate criminal history check.

Should you have concerns about what may appear on your record, please contact the Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice (OTES/CP) immediately. We want to avoid any last-minute information that might cancel your placement. Schools may cancel placements at their discretion based on the individual policies of each school system provided the student has a conviction for one or more specific offenses enumerated under Indiana law.

BSU Student Teacher Limited Criminal History Procedures (Obtain a Limited Criminal History Check ONLY if required by your assigned school district) 

  • Complete State Form 8053 which is available in the Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice, TC 205.
  • Mail form 8053, and money order or cashier's check (presently $7.00) payable to the State of Indiana and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    Indiana State Police
    Central Repository
    Indiana Government Center North
    100 North Senate Ave., Room N 302
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2259

  • Or, you may handle the above personally with a current I.D. at the above address.
  • Your background checks can be downloaded from the Internet. Click on Limited Criminal History on the left side of the screen. Follow the instructions. The cost is currently $17.50.
    Note: Failure to enclose any of the items listed above will result in a long delay in processing your limited criminal history.

Additional Criminal History Notes

  • The Limited Criminal History Check for student teaching must be completed no more than 120 days prior to the beginning of your student teaching. (Special education students applying to Ft. Wayne Community Schools are required to complete the Limited Criminal History upon notification from OTES/CP.)
  • Should you have two placements in different school systems, explain that you will need to take the original certified copy to your next placement.
  • Under current Indiana law you are required to have another Limited Criminal History during the 180 days prior to your application for your Indiana Teaching License.
  • The following school systems require both a state and local Limited Criminal History: Southwest Allen County Schools, Hamilton Southeastern Schools, and Hancock-South Madison Joint Services (finger print card also required).
  • If you have any questions about requirements in your school, please contact the school directly.