Q: Where can I find a schedule of classes?

A: Online at the Ball State University Web site at Student Services, click on Course Planner and follow the instructions. For Distance Education select the degree for a list of courses.

Q: How can I find out when classes are offered in future semesters?

A: To inquire about future course offerings beyond one semester contact the department office. To view courses via TV and Internet go online at Distance Education.

Q: How do I apply for admission to Ball State and the Department of Educational Leadership?

A: You can apply online at the Graduate School Web site. A student can apply as a distance education student online at Distance Education Web site. The Graduate School will then forward the application to the Department of Educational Leadership for a decision regarding admission.

Q: How does a current student register for on-campus and distance education classes?

A: Use your Ball State username and password and sign into MyBsu. Select "Self Service Banner" then click on "Student." From there, click on "Registration" and pick "Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal."

Q: Whom do I talk to about the internship program for school administrators?

A: Contact Dr. Lynn Lehman. If you are unable to contact an advisor, contact Ms. Nancy Richardson in the department office. Click on the Faculty/Staff link to view contact information.

Q: How do I find out about my grades?

A: Grades are no longer sent through the mail. You can go online at the Student Services Web site and select "See My Grades." Another option is to go online at blackboard.bsu.edu/. If you are unable to find a grade you can contact the instructor or call the department office.

Q: Who is my advisor?

A: Advisors for the various programs are:

  • Master's: Allison Logan (contact information: allisonlogan@bsu.edu OR 765-285-7748)
  • Ed.D./Ed.S.: Dr. Kendra Lowery (contact information: kplowery@bsu.edu OR 765-285-8618)