Educational Studies

Computer Education Teaching License (EdTech) and Certificate in Computer Education

The Department of Educational Studies offers one teaching license and a graduate certificate related to educational technology. The Computer Education License is a 15 hour add-on license to any teaching license that can be added to any initial teaching license: elementary, secondary, or all-grade. See also the partner licensure programs that have been designed to complement the Computer Education License. The Marina Axeen Scholarship is available to students pursuing the license or minor in Educational Technology.  The Graduate Certificate in Computer Education is for students who teach outside of the PreK-12 classroom.

For information please contact: Ayesha Sadaf

 Theme Undergraduate Courses 
 Curriculum Integration  EDTE 350 (REQUIRED)

 Select two courses from below:
 Multimedia Web Design EDTE 352
 Learning & Teaching with Emerging Technologies   EDTE 355
 Digital & Visual Literacy EDTE 365

 Tech. Policy EDTE 470 (REQUIRED)

 Select 1 course from below:
 Tech. Internship EDTE 480
 Tech. Infrastructure EDTE 485

Graduate Courses for License Add-on 

 Theme  Graduate Courses
 Curriculum Integration  EDTE 650 (REQUIRED)
 Tech. Policy  EDTE 670 (REQUIRED)
 Info Systems for Instr and Assessment  EDTE 685 (REQUIRED)
 Select two courses from below:  
Inquiry in Simulations EDTE 655
Instructional Design EDTE 660
Digital & Visual Literacy EDTE 665
Distance Ed & Distributed Learning Tech. EDTE 675

Graduate Courses for Computer Education Certificate

 Theme  Graduate Courses
 Curriculum Integration
 Tech. Policy
 Info Systems for Instr and Assessment
 Select two courses from below:
 Inquiry in Simulations
 EDTE 655
 Instructional Design
 EDTE 660
 Digital & Visual Literacy
 EDTE 665
 Distance Ed & Distributed Learning Tech.
 EDTE 675

 Computer Education for Journalism Major

The Departments of Educational Studies and Journalism have designed a special version of the 15-hour Computer Education Teaching License for Journalism Education majors. The EDTEC advisor can substitute as many as three journalism courses of the seven required for the Computer Education Teaching License. Students interested in this option need to meet with their Journalism and EDTEC advisors prior to applying for the license.

Level 1. Foundation Skills
Substitute JOURN 103 (Visual Communication and Presentation) for EDTE 320

Level 2. Technology Methods (no substitution)
EDTE 350: Curricular Integration of Technology

Level 3. Content Development
Substitute JOUR 342 (New Media Journalism) for EDTE 352

Level 4. Digital Literacies (choose one course, no JOURN substitution):
EDTE 355: Inquiry Models in Educational Computing (sub for EDTE 360 or 365); OR
EDTE 360: Theories and Design of Instructional Computing; OR
EDTE 365: Visual Literacy and Computer Interactions

Level 5. Policy (no substitution)
EDTE 470: Technology Policy and Ethics

Level 6. School Infrastructure and Online Learning (no substitution):
EDTE 485: Distance Learning and School Infrastructures

Level 7. Elective:
Substitute JOUR 230, 321, or 323 for EDTE 480

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