One thing’s for sure—when you finish your work in Ball State’s Department of Educational Studies, you’ll be on a path to help others make their dreams come true. That may be through a role as a classroom teacher, with the help of one of our undergraduate degrees. Perhaps you’ll find new ways to integrate technology and curriculum to make learning more effective and engaging. Maybe you’ll help open new doors for an adult learner whose job vanished in a bad economy. Perhaps you’ll stay a part of the college experience, this time helping students navigate admissions or financial aid. These are just a few things you can do with a graduate degree from our department.

No matter where your life after Ball State leads, you’ll still have a home among the alumni of Teachers College, providing you connections to others with similar interests, along with further opportunities to collaboratively serve your profession, possibly through a membership in Upper Wabash Valley School Study Council. And your place among Ball State alumni can open more doors.