Graduate Studies Committee for Elementary Education

Committee Responsibilities

Graduate Studies Committee

There are 5 elected members on the committee. All elected members must have Graduate faculty status.

Elected Members

  • Chair of the committee
  • Secretary
  • Faculty
  • Faculty
  • Faculty

Appointed Members

  • Director of the Doctoral Programs
  • Advisor for the Masters of Education Programs


  • Chair of the Department of Elementary Education
  • Doctoral Students (2--appointed)

Note: The voting members are Tenure and Tenure/Track faculty

Responsibilities and Procedures

Doctoral Programs:

1. Doctoral Candidate

The committee will make recommendations as to the doctoral candidates qualifications to enter the Elementary Education doctoral program. Those will be based on: a) the examination of the required documents submitted by the applicant, b) the outcome of an interview with the candidate. A Quorum is required to conduct the interview.

Assessment procedure:

A rubric is used to examine the required documents to recommend an applicant for an interview. Following the interview, the committee members discuss the ratings on the rubrics that are individually filled out. One rubric is filled out at that time and placed in the applicant's file. The other rubrics are destroyed.

2. Doctoral Program

The Doctoral programs (Ph.D. and Ed.D.) are examined periodically by the committee, and recommendations are made to the tenure/tenure track faculty based on the needs of the department and college.

Masters of Education/Masters of Arts Programs:

The Masters programs (MAE and MA) are examined periodically by the committee, and recommendations are made to the tenure/tenure track faculty based on the needs of the department and college.

Committee Member Responsibilities

Committee Chair

The committee chair develops and organizes the agenda for the meetings, and conducts the meetings working in cooperation with the Director of Doctoral Programs, the Advisor for Masters Programs and the Chair of the Department. Robert's Rules of Order are followed.


The secretary will collect the minutes during the committee meetings. The minutes are reviewed for correctness, revised and sent to voting members of the committee within 10 working days. A copy is also sent the Office Coordinator.

Director of Doctoral Programs

The Director of Doctoral programs guides and advises the doctoral applicants through the admissions process and provides input on doctoral program policies and procedures to the committee.

Masters Program Advisor

The Masters program advisor provides input on Masters programs and policies.

Doctoral Students

The doctoral students provide input to the committee on graduate program policies and procedures based on their perspective as graduate students.

Privacy Issues

The committee meetings follow the individual rights and privacy guidelines established by Ball State University. All discussions that take place about candidates or documents will not be shared outside of the committee meeting.

Doctoral students on the committee will not participate in interviewing doctoral applications or in decisions that should be made by Graduate Faculty only.

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