BCBA for Students with Masters Degree in a Human Service Field

Students holding a masters degree who wish to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst may satisfy the coursework requirement to become eligible to sit for the BCBA exam by completing a sequence of six courses listed below. 

SPCE 609: Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (3)

SPCE 610: Behavioral Consultation (3)

SPCE 611: Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (3)

SPCE 619: Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis (3)

SPCE 689: Seminar in Verbal Behavior (3)

SPCE 691: Supervising Human Staff in ABA (3)

SPCE 609 can be taken independently or with SPCE 619 but it is the prerequisite for the other three behavioral courses. We recommend SPCE 609 and 619, 610 and 611 and 689 and 691. The other two requirements to become eligible to take the BCBA exam are a master's degree in a human service field (acceptability of which is determined by the BACB) and the accumulation of BCBA-supervised field experience (for details, go to the BACB website: bacb.com ). The field experience may be accrued at any location where a BCBA is available to provide supervision and may commence as soon as the student has registered for SPCED 609.