Practicum Requirements for the BCBA

To become Board Certified you must complete 1500 hours of Supervised Independent Fieldwork in behavior analysis. The distribution of Supervised Independent Fieldwork hours must be at least 10 hours per week, but not more than 30 hours per week, for a minimum of 3 weeks per month.

During the practica experience, the supervisor must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in good standing or be approved by the BACB as a faculty member in a BACB approved course sequence. The supervisor may not be the applicant's relative, subordinate or employee during the experience period. The supervisor will not be considered an employee of the applicant if the only compensation received by the supervisor from the applicant consists of payment for supervision. Applicants must be supervised at least once every 2 weeks for 5% of the total hours they spend in Supervised Independent Fieldwork. Total supervision must be at least 75 hours. A supervisory period is two weeks.


 Supervised Independent 

   Total hours required  


Supervised hours:
% of total hours


Total number of
supervised hours 


Frequency of
supervisor contacts

1 every 2 weeks

NOTE: The program does not guarantee a BCBA supervisor. However, the program will assist students in identifying someone who is a BCBA who can provide supervision during the practicum experience. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to find a supervisor who is a BCBA. In addition, if the student decides to pay for a BCBA to provide supervision, the student is responsible for paying for the supervision.