Special Education

Courses for Hearing Impairments/Deaf Major

Note: Also includes licensing in Mild Interventions (Early and Middle Childhood Levels)
Here is a suggested sequence for the courses required for this major. Not everyone's schedule will be exactly like this.
Schedules and when courses are offered can change, so check with your department advisor to make sure you are on track for graduation.

First Year

Fall Semester - 15 credit hours plus 3 credit hours University Core Curriculum

ENG 103 - Rhetoric and Writing
SPCED 201 - Introduction to Students With Exceptional Needs
BIO 102 - Biological Concepts for Teachers
SNLNG 251 - American Sign Language 1
PHYCS 101 - Physical Science Concepts for Teachers

Spring Semester - 16 hours plus 2 hours PEFWL
ENG 104 - Composing Research
SNLNG 252 - American Sign Language
MATHS 207 - Mathematics for the Teacher of the Exceptional Learner
GEOG 101 - Earth, Sea, and Sky: A Geographic View
GEOL 101 - Planet Earth's Geological Environment

Second Year

Fall Semester -18 hours
SPCED 202 - Legal and Procedural Foundations of Special Education
SPCED 240 - History of Education of Deaf Persons and Psychology of Deafness
SPCED 246 - Speech Development for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
SPCED 266 - Practicum in Special Education
SNLNG 253 - American Sign Language 3
SPAA 343 - Introduction to Audiology

Spring Semester - 18 hours
EDPSY 250 - Human Growth and Development
EDPSY 306 - Behavior Analysis in Education
EDPSY 345 - Educational Tests and Measurement
SNLNG 254 - Introduction to Language for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
SPCED 248 - Practicum with Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
SPCED 277 - Human Relations and Collaborative Skills for Special Educators
* Enrollment in 300-level courses requires admission into the Teacher Education Program including passing the PPST at licensing levels.
*Second Year at the Indiana School for the Deaf

Third Year

EDRDG 400 - Teaching of Reading in Today's Schools
MATHS 392 - Teaching Mathematics to Learners with Disabilities
SPCED 371 - Introduction to Mild Interventions

Spring Semester - 15 hours plus 3 hours University Core Curriculum
SPCED 361 - Advanced Practicum in Special Education
SPCED 375 - Assessment in Special Education
SPCED 456 - Language Methods for Deaf Persons
AED 200 - Understanding Art
* Advanced Practicum Mild (Early/Middle Childhood) must be taken concurrently with SPCED 376

Fourth Year

Fall Semester - 15 hours plus 3 hours University Core Curriculum
SPCED 331 - Microcomputers in Special Education
SPCED 458 - Teaching Reading and Elementary School Subjects to Deaf Persons
EDFON 420 - Social, Historical, and Philosophical Foundations of Education
EDRDG 430 - Corrective Reading
HIST 150 - The West in the World

Spring Semester - 12 hours
SPCED 466 - Student Teaching: Hearing Impaired
SPCED 489 - Student Teaching: Mild Disabilities

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