The doctor of education (Ed.D.) degree with a major in special education requires a minimum of 90 hours of graduate credit, 48 of which must be completed at Ball State University.  It is offered in a blended (online/main campus) format.  

Two 15-hour cognates (minimum) or one 24-hour cognate (minimum) will be selected by doctoral students and their committee chairpersons to complement career and research interests. Nine hours of each 15-hour cognate or 12 hours of the 24 hour cognate must be completed at Ball State University.

Sample Courses

Some courses you may take include:
SPCED 701 - Seminar: Policies and Issues in Special Education
SPCED 702 - Learning, Behavioral, and Developmental Disabilities and Special Needs
SPCED 703 - Advanced Methods,Technologies, & Instructional Systems in Special Education
EDPSY 641 - Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research
EDPSY 642 - Intermediate Statistics
ID 705 - Research Colloquium